All trails open. 7:00 am: Got a HUGE jump on my morning. My magellan™ MFA offers intuitive intelligence that “shifts gears” rapidly and adapts to any terrain, for the most organic, reactive device on the market; others just trail behind.

Flex time. Any time. 9:00 am: Stepped out, down, and up for coffee. With split-secondadaptability and 38º total range of motion, magellan™ keeps me comfortably in synch and step wherever I go.

A "relax" that fits. 12:00 pm: Put my best yoga foot forward. The europa™ smart-sensing technology measures, analyzesand controls device reaction. So achieving higher consciousness and a natural ankle position require little conscious effort on my part.

Thinks. On your feet. 6:00 pm: After work shopping excursion. Magellan™ automatically adjusts to my every move for a truly intuitive flex, so I don’t have to give shopping for that perfect dress a second thought. Now, I have two amazing things I can move around in!

The perfect setting, for any occasion. 8:00 pm: Set heel to“stunning,” quite simply. The galileo™ mobile app not only connects my clinician to magellan™ for optimal data collection and performance, but it allows me to easily configure my heel setting to whatever suits me best.

live boundless. magellan | Microprocessor Foot + Ankle. The human ankle instantly changes from supple to firm and from flexible to powerful. Ankles adapt to the situation and provide balance and security. The latest generation prostheses finally provide active ankle function using microprocessor computer control. Efficiency, stability and comfort while walking are all intelligently enhanced.

Microprocessor—The Brain. magellan’s microprocessor intelligence “shifts gears” rapidly on all terrains, adjusting to changes more quickly than other devices. The advanced software is able to intuit almost any movement. The device’s advanced hydraulic system and controls provide comfort, safety, first-step resistance modification and adaptive control for an easier walk. The Nervous System. magellan’s automatic intuitive adjustments require little conscious effort on the user’s part. Orthocare’s europa™ smart-sensing technology incorporates electronic force sensors into the structure of the prosthesis that measure, analyze and improve dynamic socket reaction forces.

19 degree dorsiflexion. 19 degree plantar flexion.

Ease of use. An ideal first prosthesis, magellan™ mimics natural walking with such minimal effort on the user’s part that it facilitates and expedites gait training. Simple set up. Easy out-of-the-box set up requires little user or clinician time investment—about 60 seconds. Wider range of motion. Providing a broader range of plantar flexion/dorsiflexion, magellan™ allows for split-second flexibility in downward and upward foot and toe movement, with adaptable heel height, supplementing the user’s body’s intelligence and helping them feel connected again. magellan™ specifications. Product Weight: 1.98 lbs/884g. Build Height: 5.13"/13cm. Patient Weight Limit: 250 lbs/115kg. Heel Height Adjustability: Up to 3"/7.5cm. Battery Life: Up to 4 days. Recharge Time: About 1 hour. Size Availability: 24cm–30cm. Range of Motion: 38°. Environmental Considerations: Water and dust resistant. galileo™ Interface: Monitors system performance, patient option controls.

live comfortably. edison | Adaptive Vacuum Suspension System. The most silent and intelligent vacuum system available, edison™ represents the next generation of vacuum suspension systems. With an 18-hour battery life, edison™ is the latest addition to Orthocare Innovations’ line of advanced, intelligent prosthetic products, offering a combination of adaptive control and silent operation that is unique in the market today. Note: the edison™ adaptive vacuum suspension system should be used with a sock between the skin and the socket to distribute the suspension forces over a broad area. Vacuum settings should be set as low as is functional and the prosthetist should check the condition of the skin periodically during the fitting process to ensure that excessive levels of vacuum are not applied in a manner that compromises the integrity of the patient’s skin.

Adaptive. edison™ automatically adjusts vacuum levels to meet the demands of a broad range of activities. It increases vacuum pressure when activity demands greater augmented suspension, and assures optimal comfort when higher levels of vacuum are not required, such as when you’re sitting or walking slowly. Intelligent. edison™ allows you to select from one of three standard activity profiles so socket pressure remains within the desired ranges for each patient’s individual requirements. You may modify these profiles, customizing vacuum ranges to meet individual patient needs. edison™ also has on-board memory that allows you to verify optimal system performance. Silent. edison™ provides a truly quiet, discreet experience. Instead of a diaphragm pump that makes noise, edison’s large-bore piston operates at low speeds with high efficiency, eliminating the vibration noises associated with other electronic vacuums. The protective, insulated casing that houses the in line pump further reduces any sounds while the pump is operating.

edison™ specifications. Product Weight: 13.4 oz/379g. Build Height: 4.2"/10.7cm. Patient Weight Limit: 300lbs/136kg. Pylon Requirement: 30mm. Battery Life: Minimum 18 hrs with average use. Recharge Time: 4 hours. Socket Compatability: Any socket designed for vacuum suspension. Fabrication Requirements: None, easily retrofitted to existing sockets. Alignability: In-line tube clamp adapter allows for angular adjustability. Environmental Considerations: Water and dust resistant. Filtration: 30mm. Leak Detection: Yes, optional modes (LEDs, alarm). Patient Profiles: 3 standard, customizeable option. galileo™ Interface: Monitors system performance, patient option controls.

live brilliantly. europa | Smart Sensing Technology. europa™ is a unique system that assesses gait and alignment by measuring socket forces in real-time to allow you to optimize fit for improved component performance and the health of the patient.

Real-Life Performance Streaming and Clinical Recommendations. The quality of prosthesis function is determined by a dynamic balance of forces. Even though this delicate balance is key to optimal function and health, until now you fit prostheses through trial and error. It was more art than science, measured by the look of your patient’s walk in the office, and not objective measures of performance. europa™ measures gait and alignment in real-life, so you can use instant, real-time measurements of socket forces to optimize prosthesis fit and improve health for each individual. The information europa™ provides can help reduce potentially dangerous pressures on the residual limb, enhancing health and the patient’s comfort.

europa™ looks like an industry-standard prosthetic pyramid, with the familiar European four-hole attachment configuration. Mounted just distal to the socket, it’s easy to integrate into any endoskeletal lower-limb prosthesis and remains for the life of the limb. It requires no batteries or servicing and is sealed against moisture penetration. Using integrated logic, memory, and data storage capabilities to detect dynamic socket-reaction forces, its embedded sensors continuously measure, analyze and improve reaction forces applied to the residual limb as your patients walk.

To enable gait analysis, the europa™ de (data extractor) clicks onto europa™ to communicate with your computer and to provide power, microprocessor control, motion sensing and a laser guide. This hardware and software work automatically with europa™ to extract and interpret socket-force data, instantly providing objective kinetic measurements of the forces the socket is applying to the patient’s residual limb. It also provides direct advice for adjusting the component to obtain optimum fit. This advice builds on our database of thousands of patient records and decades of expert patient care experience.

live informed. galileo | Clinical Outcomes Assessment Reporting. Orthocare Innovations’ visionary technology, galileo™, creates a revolutionary connection between patient and device, and patient and clinician. Changing the view of treatment outcomes, galileo™ assesses function, provides control, improves performance and documents evidence of the impact of progressive prosthetic devices on patient care for payers. Clinicians are discovering something they’ve never had access to before: accurate, real-life activity documentation with galileo™.

The Galileo System: 4 Steps to Objective Data. 1 Register Patient. 2 Fit Patient with StepWatch™. 3 Transmit Data. 4 Download Report.

Supports Clinical Decisions, Enhances Rehabilitation Compliance, Documents Patient Function. Improves ability to match components with patient’s ability/potential to ambulate. Provides a systematic approach to tracking patient progress.Substantiates practitioner’s observations and other functional assessment practices.Facilitates effective communication in the patient’s treatment plan with surgeons, physical therapists, and other members of the healthcare team. Provides patient motivation by objectively tracking and setting functional activity goals. Expands clinical evidence of functional level increasingly sought by payers. Provides objective documentation, potentially invaluable during audits. Creates mechanism for determining defensible device replacement intervals.

How It Works. A one-week period of objective data capture using Orthocare Innovations’ unobtrusive patented StepWatch™ Activity Monitor.Easy, HIPAA-compliant upload of patient data to secure Web server for functional assessment analysis using proprietary algorithms.Generation of Functional Level Report for inclusion in patient’s medical record, sharing with other healthcare team professionals (surgeon, PT) or incorporation into claims filed with payers.StepWatch™ is widely considered the gold standard in activity monitoring systems within the healthcare, rehabilitation, and research fields. It is utilized in over 100 academic, peer-reviewed publications, was developed with support of the National Institutes of Health, and is used in some of the top healthcare institutions including: the Mayo Clinic, the Johns Hopkins University, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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